We love animals and creating something special for each of them is simply wonderful.
una cuccia fatta a mano per un cane di razza pinchester


The whole story begun with him: Speedy…
a tiny, soft-looking pinscher with a determined character and infinite curiosity. He used to collect any kind of treasures: a toy, a bone, a puppet, a leaf. There was never enough room for all of this in his basket and so we decided to create a special kennel for him and his precious relics.
This is how Speedy’s tiny home was born, and our business as well.


For years, in our craft workshop we have dedicated ourselves to make dreams come true.
Working with wood has been our passion for many years and imagination has done the rest.

Our kennels for dogs and cats are realised with noble materials and match any style and hygiene need for your furry friend.


Every product that comes out of our laboratory is completely handmade:
the pencil sketch, the computer project, the decorative paintings, the runners and even the bowls.
It is important that each single creation is unique, just for you, just like your Fluffy!
Nothing is done by hazard, everything up to the smallest detail allow to create the highest quality pet house for your furry friend.
il progetto di una cuccia di lusso per cani e gatti a forma di casa
un computer con il programma autocad per la progettazione di case
un artigiano che incide il legno